Please DON’T RESPOND to this email message.

remote work at home packing and delivery of goods

Please DON’T RESPOND to this email message. If you wish to submit your application for this job email us your resume directly to Or push the apply button below. Another tip, if you fall victim or know that a company is a scam, contact your state Attorney General’s office.

remote work at home packing and delivery of goods

Yesterday I filed a complaint with the IC3 and then today I went to the police department. The police officer I spoke to said he would investigate the matter. When I ask him what I suppose to do with the packages I received yesterday, he told me to go ahead a ship them so the people would not be alerted. When I got back home another package had been delivered and then later on another package was delivered.

Work From Home Packing And Shipping Job In Uss Express Review

This post does not require your relocation. I was also scammed by the same company for which I worked the entire month of August. I never had any job offers through craigslist.

I have no idea why that’s happening. But I got this comment so feel free to comment this way.

remote work at home packing and delivery of goods

Hopefully you’ll find some other great legitimate options here now. In the past 10 days I have received 3 different bills from the Bill Me Later organization at my address but not to “me” but to a different name. I marked each envelope “not at this address” and left them for the mail carrier to return.

490 Work From Home Jobs In Buffalo, Ny

Individual citizens and larger companies rely on our services for direct purchasing or for logistics partnerships. The process of international logistics and distribution can be extremely complicated, but our approach eliminates many of those obstacles. By establishing a global mailing network, the deliveries are accomplished faster, and everyone benefits””the retailers, network employees, and international customers. Working from home and freelancing have become popular options in recent years, and our company structure is highly appealing to those professionals. As I mentioned above, it doesn’t matter what the name of the company is or the person you’re working with.

  • All shipping and packing expenses are prepaid by Edwards Logistics.
  • Sorry to hear that you fell for this.
  • Just use this experience as a lesson.
  • Thanks for sharing this, it will help others.
  • Now finding out it is a scam I only sent one package.
  • So to make long story short, if it sound too good to be true.

Thanks guys for all these information. I got the same kind of e-mail yesterday. The information you guys have provided here helped me a lot. And I am going to stop communicating with them before even they send any packages at my address. You can join this network too and become one of our shipping agents. The process of getting set up and fulfilling the requirements is straightforward, and you will get a consistent monthly income.

Work From Home Jobs In Buffalo, Ny

In fact, we look forward to the kinds of challenges that other providers walk away from. Vetting a potential peer-to-peer shipping partner is especially important when you’re shipping paintings. Be able to provide a proper flat or house to store packages in proper conditions. Packing products into boxes isn’t complicated at all, you just need to be attentive when getting acquainted with the provided instructions.

Now one of the packages has come back to me bc of inadequate shipping costs. So I was trying to get in touch with them and no answer. Then I am kicked off home packing jobs the log in site. Now I am in fear of going to jail bc now I have found this and it all makes sense now. I am going to post office first thing in the am.


We continuously innovate and add value for clients. We do this by utilizing hi-tech solutions, efficient warehousing techniques and HR methods. Our telecommuting approach allows us to offer the widest number of mail forwarding addresses. Shipping expenses are all prepaid by the company. I am your personal supervisor to support in all aspects of this job. I have attached an application form to further hiring process.

McKinsey LLC is constantly expanding its activities and developing into new countries. Dell Notebook Laptop Pentium D Duo Processor , All in one Printer, Scanner and Fax Machine with a wide range of software already installed on the system against hacking. So I can assure you that you have been offered a great opportunity to perform, giving your best to performing Data Entry duties in exchange for a good pay. If you are interested in the position, please reply this email and we will provide a more detailed information. Evaluation and initial screening will take 6 hours to 2 business days. If you match requirements stated above and would like to occupy this part-time job opportunity, please email us your confirmation. I’m glad I could confirm this scam for you.

Companys Hiring Requirements

3) Choose and provide me with an address where you are able to receive packages during the training period. At this address you need to arrange regular receiving packages from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Dispatch manager – is a FULL TIME home packing jobs position in an office at Packages processing center of the company, working eight-hour shift per day and 5 days per week. To follow up on what happened afterward, I received some collection notices from one of the merchants.

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