Have had prostrate cancer and

Have had prostrate cancer and have diabetes II and two autoimmune diseases. Was a cook during my time there and was told that Agent Orange was in the drinking water but they were trying to get it out. Starting the process of compensation and was told it will be denied and then would need to go directly to the VA. I was with the 7th RRFS, 05H, from June 71 to June 73.

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  • I was first denied by the VA, but quickly GRANTED a VA Disability when the Dale K. Graham Veterans Foundation required a higher level review.
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I had pictures of my duty section with no vegetation and an identical picture I took 37 years later tank farm covered in vegetation. Installations and Facilities in Thailand by the 652nd Topographic Engineer Battalion. It also is listed on the map’s index under Army bases, which appears in red. When we arrived at UDORN we were told that we would probably be sent to AUGMENTEE duty for 30 days to help the SECURITY POLICE to help guard the base PERIMETER. There had been an attack in 1968 and they sprayed the base perimeter with AGENT ORANGE as a result.

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We had NOTHING when we arrived there in the spring of ’72…..no food (other than C-Rats) and no sleeping quarters other than our sea bags to prop up up against in one of the four wooden structures along the aircraft parking apron. Go where you are told and where you are needed….and make the best of it regardless of the situation or conditions. They made short order in turning that sh-t hole into “livable” for us Marines. As for AO, I don’t know of anyone from the Rose Garden making claims for AO caused disabilities there. If you or anyone else here served as an air police augmentee for guard duty while in Thailand you will probably be covered. Any duty on or very near the base perimeter might also qualify.Good luck and God Bless.

I remember helping setting up those tents right after we got there including a close call with a king cobra. I injured my back loading and had to eventually crosstrain into the medics after returning to Holloman. We’re you on the Flying Tiger Airline that set the brakes on fire when we landed hot in Yakota Japan? We had 197 people on board with gear and just cleared the fence Forex at the end of runway leaving Holloman. I’ve taken the AO physical in Houston to get documented, but have not put in any claims yet. I understand the rules on this site prohibiting direct contact between vets posting here, however, I belong to several Facebook groups dedicated to vets who served in Thailand, including one specifically for personnel who were based at NKP.

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I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014 and learned shortly after about the direct correlation between prostate cancer and agent Orange. The VA refused my claim twice now for compensation due to the fact that I wasn’t in the Military Police Co which would have patrolled the https://www.forbes.com/advisor/investing/what-is-forex-trading/ perimeter of the airbase. Our army base was right there next to them with only a chainlink fence between us, yet every Air Force guy was eligible for benefits and we Army guys aren’t unless you were an MP. Crazy stuff as I was back and forth on their base on a daily basis.

I would like to hear from any veteran who served in Korat and is living with bladder cancer, and from any of the guys that were in the 331st Bluestreak the same time I was. I believe I have bladder cancer as a result of exposure to AO. I’ve been through treatments and surgeries since July, 2016 and will continue treatments possibly for the rest of my life.

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Both its conventional forces and weapons of mass destruction. Extension of support of special operations dbrain coin for irregular warfare (sec. Competitive total compensation packages to the STEM workforce.

From 1961 to 1975, the United States Air Force deployed aircraft throughout Thailand, and these planes were responsible for the majority of USAF air strikes over North Vietnam. The first base of operations for American forces was at Takhli Royal Thai Air force Base, which is located approximately 144 miles northwest of Bangkok. The base, predating the arrival of American forces, is depicted on the mapAmphoe Ta Klhi, Sheet 5060 I, AMS Series L708, which is shown below.

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I was at Mukdahon Air Force Base a couple of times trying to find parts. Their Search Radar was in a tent very near the Mekong River, that is where I spent most of my time while visiting Mukdahon. I have several photos of Phu Mu but none to my knowledge of Mukdahon, a friend of mine may have some photos of Mukdahon. It’s a declassified document on how every base in Thailand was established from a security perspective. On the bases themselves because of trip flares, barbed wire and such, they sprayed because they couldn’t mow. Look up stuff like Ubon RTAFB. You’ll blatantly see NO grass growing anywhere.

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