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BooksTime cloud accounting, we are obsessed with finding the best software and apps to help your business improve its Communication, Collaboration & Productivity. bookkeeping Today we are going to talk about an online billing solution called BooksTime. Living in a country that doesn’t allow debit cards to be used online?

  • The one thing that hasn’t changed over the years is BooksTime’ great customer support.
  • In this article, I’ll compare Xero and BooksTime, two of the most popular entry-level accounting software platforms for digital businesses today.
  • But We-pay never paid me anything and BooksTime acted as though they where not even involved, even though I pay them a monthly fee to take care of my invoices and payments.
  • BooksTime has always been simple to use, and the company has been rolling out small navigational updates nearly every month to improve usability.
  • BooksTime supports country specific tax calculation in Canada, the United States and Britain.

My favorite features are the ones that allow me to automate my business. I can automatically send invoices, charge my client’s credit card, and send them a receipt. Merchant Maverick’s ratings are editorial in nature, and are not aggregated from user reviews. Each staff reviewer at Merchant Maverick is a subject matter expert with experience researching, testing, and evaluating small business software and services.

BooksTime highly values its customer service, so much so that every BooksTime employee spends their first month in customer support. The company has also won numerous customer service awards. There is still the occasional navigational difficulty, but if you have any trouble using the software, BooksTime offers strong customer support and provides plenty of tools to help. Read on for our full BooksTime review and see if this accounting software is right for you.

Accounting Method

He ability to invite an accountant or bookkeepers to review financial records is a great advantage to choosing Xero. Estimates are easily converted into invoices once projects are complete.

Offers unlimited invoices and estimates, as well as proposals, advanced reports and access to live bank feeds. This company has excellent customer experience, a great resources page, and webinars. You can contact BooksTime customer service 24/7 and 365 days a year. You can contact BooksTime support by phone, email, live chat, or use the knowledge base. According to user reviews, customer representatives are amicable and helpful in resolving issues.

The company offers a 30-day free trial so you can thoroughly test the software before deciding if it’s right for your business. Last but by no means least, BooksTime also operates a hugely beneficial invoice-to-payment feature. It’s possible for owner-managers to be alerted when a client receives and opens an invoice. This overview ensures peace of mind for businesses that can be sure invoices are delivered, thus making it harder for clients to claim that an invoice hadn’t been received and subsequently avoid payment. The real beauty of BooksTime is that there is a BooksTime app, available on both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

BooksTime cloud accounting

View Matt Sherman’s professional experience on LinkedIn. BooksTime is cloud-based, so no downloads or installation are required. BooksTime was founded in 2004 by Mike McDerment, Levi Cooperman, and Joe Sawada in Toronto, Ontario. McDerment incorporated a second company, BillSpring in January 2015 to work on new product development.

Invoicing, Expenses & More

If you think one accounting software is already compatible with your business but you need some further functionalities, you must also examine the add-on features that others offer. Select solutions that address your basic and additional needs, such as those that provide or handle remote access, online payments, tax, integrations with your other other business tools, etc. how to hire an accountant Although BooksTime offers the best invoicing features for small businesses, it isn’t without its drawbacks. For instance, it lacks vendor, inventory management and purchase-ordering features, so it isn’t well suited for businesses with inventory. Rather, it’s designed for service- or project-based agencies and includes time-tracking and project management tools.

BooksTime cloud accounting

Create and send invoices, record payments, track and import expenses, manage projects and track your time. I have been with BooksTime for about a decade and for most of that time would have given it five stars. A few months ago my account was moved to the new BooksTime. We experienced all kinds of issues with data not updating fast enough.

Quick And Easy Setup

Considering how little you’d actually need to generate reports on the go, this isn’t a big setback. From Gmail and Shopify, to Zapier and Capsule, BooksTime integrates with dozens of other platforms. CRM’s, productivity managers, ecommerce platforms, you name it. The best ones are the apps that are built to communicate and collaborate with others.

I really enjoy going into BooksTime and clicking “send invoice”. I’ve been using them ever since I started my web design and marketing business a few years ago. They’ve been with me from the beginning and they meet all of my needs and some. Reports in BooksTime are simple enough for you to understand but powerful enough for your accountant to love. Upload a picture of a receipt and BooksTime will automatically capture the merchant, totals, and taxes for you.


BooksTime stands out because of its robust invoicing capabilities, but that’s not the only reason it’s our best pick. You can track invoices, expenses, and projects; run reports; and access more than 80 integrations. Its mobile app lets you create and send invoices when you’re on the go. Using the app, you can photograph receipts and log them as expenses.

There are a number of Frequently Asked Questions that you can access at the touch of a button too, which is handy if you query is a basic, common one. BooksTime’ customer support department is also active on social media should you wish to tweet or message via Facebook.

Set up automated invoicing, online payment options , and late payment reminders to get paid 2x faster. Next, boost team productivity with precise time tracking and collaborative project tools, so every minute, file, and conversation is tracked and logged. BooksTime is a web-based accounting solution that caters to small businesses. BooksTime serves various industries, such as marketing, legal services and business consulting, trades and home services and information technology . Key features of BooksTime include invoicing, expense tracking, time tracking, reporting and payments management. Users can brand their invoices, accept online payments and set auto payment remind…

Keep reading our BooksTime app review for more details and let us know if you think it’s one of the best bookkeeping apps for iPhone. Bills, expenses and invoices can be directly entered into BooksTime from LedgerDocs.

Now, all she needs to do is check her PayPal account in the weekend to see how much payment she has received. BooksTime is your ultimate solution to automating your Invoicing processes.

The company has helped more than 10 million users process billions of dollars through its easy-to-use invoicing, expense management and time tracking features. Based in Toronto, BooksTime serves paying customers in 120 countries.

Organize Expenses Effortlessly

Employees can access projects, track their time and additional expenses. Contractors are a little different in that they have their own account. With their account, contractors can only see the projects you’ve invited them to and track their time against those projects. The Advanced Payments add-on costs $20 per month, plus 3.5% and 30 cents per transaction.

BooksTime cloud accounting

Those transactions can then be assigned to a bank account when the transaction is imported via the bank connection and reconciliation performed. Therefore, there’s no way to assign expenses to bank accounts without allowing BooksTime access to your bank account. Connecting your bank account is a great time-saving feature, but if you aren’t comfortable allowing this connection, you’ll be better off with BooksTime. The product also allows users to create a quick expense in order to pay bills that do not currently have a vendor set up.

With access to deeper analytics, BooksTime can solve and improve common customer pain points. You can schedule BooksTime to automatically send recurring invoices and payment reminders; you can also set it to add late fees to past-due invoices either as a percentage or flat fee.

  • The data will automatically synch across all of your devices so that you can switch between devices, and the information will still be there.
  • After connecting your cloud accounting software, CollBox automatically shows you all of your past-due invoices that can be sent to collections so you can quickly see what you want to recover.
  • If you have ever completed a bank transaction online, checked a credit card statement, recorded your business cash-flow or logged into a website to view reward point status, you have used cloud accounting software.
  • The key advantages of BooksTime are its extensive features and affordable pricing plans that were appreciated by both our review team and actual customers who used the app.
  • From there the prices go up to $25/Month and $50/Month respectively.
  • Real-time financial reporting with a dashboard to quickly view bank balances, invoices, bills, and expense claims.

You can also view a filtered list of your outstanding invoices so you can send your customers a friendly reminder. Customer reviews about BooksTime reveal very positive user experiences with the tool.

What Is BooksTime?

Impress your clients with professional-looking Invoices that clearly show all the work you’ve done…then, just click send. Oh, and If you want, we’ll follow up with an automated payment reminder if it goes past due. Automatically track your mileage as you drive, easily categorize business trips with a swipe, and view your potential tax deduction — right from your phone.

He can not only put his logo in his invoice but also send reminders to late payers. This user does not like the hassle of arguing with clients for payments. Now, he does not have to call his client to collect money, only to discuss a project.

Author: Matt Laslo

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